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  • Tina Treloar

Retail Steering Committee

The Devonport City Council commissioned 'Retail Doctor' Brian Walker to assess and analyse the town's retail sector earlier this year. Brian presented his findings to Council staff, Chamber representatives and business owners on July 29th.

The initial recommendation was to appoint a Retail Steering Committee to work closely with Council in developing a vision for the town as a destination, and driving the strategies towards this vision. Subsequent discussions led to the Chamber leading this committee, encompassing retail, hospitality and tourism business representatives, both from the Chamber membership and local industry.

The Visit Devonport Committee will be established before the end of August 2020. The DCCI welcomes expressions of interest from local business owners across these industries keen to drive the vision and strategies uncovered and created by Brian's findings.

Expressions of interest can be made in writing to the Chamber directly via, or to Executive Member Paul Fielding on 0484 284 053. Expressions previously made directly to Devonport Council have already been collated.

The Chamber and its Executive is excited to be driving this dynamic venture alongside the Council and look forward to finalising the committee members soon.

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