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  • Tina Treloar

HMAS Stuart in Devonport


28 February 2020

HMAS Stuart in Devonport

On behalf of the Devonport business community, the Devonport Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) extends a warm welcome to the crew of HMAS Stuart.

Spokesperson for the DCCI, Rod Bramich, said the visit would provide a boost for local retailers and hospitality businesses in the Devonport region and the Freedom of Entry March through the city will be an absolute highlight.

“This weekend Devonport again welcomes the HMAS Stuart back to our shores. There’s going to be a real carnival atmosphere around town,” Mr Bramich said.

“This weekend we’ve got 180 sailors on shore leave, plus the Devonport Regatta and the world-famous Devonport Triathlon.

“It’s a great excuse for locals and visitors alike to indulge in the best of Devonport hospitality.

“Devonport is the tourism hub of the North West and we’re encouraging member businesses to make sure they put their best foot forward. It should be a great weekend for all.”

More information on the HMAS Stuart Freedom of Entry March is available here:


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