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Devonport City Council Budget 2020-21

23 June 2020

Devonport City Council Budget 2020-21


23 June 2020

The Devonport Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) welcomes the passage of the Devonport City Council Budget for 2020-21.

Spokesperson for the DCCI, Rod Bramich, noted the extraordinary circumstances around the global pandemic and the subsequent recession in which this Budget is handed down.

“The Devonport Council has delivered a Budget fit for the times. Understandably this is a deficit Budget. The extraordinary level of community support and the rates relief offered by the council is entirely justified” Mr Bramich said.

“And, the business community welcomes the Council’s commitment to expanding capital works to support local jobs, particularly in the construction sector.

“Other measures to waive a range of fees, such as parking and various licenses, also have broad support among retailers, hospitality businesses and the general public.

“Clearly in the long term Council will need to return to surplus but right now it’s encouraging to see the council, along with all levels of Government, and businesses big and small all pulling in the same direction in order to survive these extraordinarily difficult times.”


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