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  • DCCI Vice President Rod Bramich

New Spirits builder ends uncertainty

Updated: Feb 28, 2020


27 February 2020

New Spirits builder ends uncertainty

The Devonport Chamber of Commerce and Industry endorses the prudent decision from the Tasmanian State Government to end the uncertainty over the contract to build the new Spirit of Tasmania vessels.

Spokesperson for the DCCI, Rod Bramich, said the Chamber had recently written to Premier Gutwein and Minister Ferguson outlining concerns regarding the build.

“The DCCI are glad to see a sensible outcome, particularly once it became clear that FSG weren’t going to be up to the job,” Mr Bramich said.

“This is serious money we’re talking about – $700 million total. Devonport businesses needed certainty around investment timeframes.

“We’ve raised the matter with the Premier and the Infrastructure Minister and it’s good to see a timeframe released that businesses and investors can work to.

“The Spirits are the driving force behind much of Devonport’s economy and in a recent survey 74% of our members said the new, larger vessels would have a positive effect on their business.

“Once delivered, the extra capacity will help put downward pressure on Bass Strait shipping costs and create more jobs in the Devonport region.”

Results of the latest DCCI survey are available here.


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