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  • Alistair Finlay

Local chambers of commerce respond positively to budget

Representatives from the various regional chambers of commerce have responded positively to Thursday’s budget.

All praised the commitment of funding for the Cradle Mountain management plan along with general infrastructure spending.

“I think it's quite positive and sensible,” said Anthony Tait, treasurer of the Devonport Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

“It’s good to see they’ve doubled the first home owners grant and they are still pushing ahead with more funding for the planning commission.”

Mr Tait also said the extra money for tourism and health, along with infrastructure spending would help the local economy.

“Particularly with health, that’s a foundation of the community as a whole, it makes everybody feel more comfortable,” he said.

Down the highway in Burnie, infrastructure cash was also welcome.

“It’s pleasing to see there was a focus on building and construction,” said Burnie Chamber of Commerce & Industry secretary and vice-president, Ian Jones.

“That of course drives jobs and helps put money back into the local economy.”

Central Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry chair, Ian Locke, likened the budget to football match.

“I think the treasurer’s shaping up for the final quarter,” he said. “He’s giving everyone oranges, he wants to keep the engine going and they are playing for the next election.”

Mr Locke was also balanced on the lack of funds for the Dial Regional Sports Complex in Ulverstone.

“We would have liked to have seen some money coming towards that,” he said. “It wasn’t in this budget but I think overall it’s pretty fair. You always want more, but I think on a more responsible note, it’s a balanced budget.”

All the spokespeople had eyes on the announcement of 100 new Metro busses and felt that could benefit their respective regions.

“The advanced manufacturing sector will have an opportunity to quote for the 100 new busses,” Mr Locke said.

Likewise, the Cradle Mountain master plan funding commitment was lauded by all three organisations.

“Hopfull that will precipitate private investment coming into the project and ultimately some federal money,” Mr Jones said.

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